Flare EARHD® 90



Flare EARHD® 90

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earHD 90 is a cutting-edge new passive device that lets you focus your ears on what you want to listen to and hear higher definition sound from where you are facing without increasing the volume.

Rediscover sound and enjoy a new way of listening: open your ears and hear the world in HD.


• Music or spoken word events

• Playing an instrument

• Watching TV

• Listening to nature


• Reduces stress

• Conversation

• Anywhere you want to focus on more detail in sound


• Proven to increase high frequency detail

• 60º - 90º dispersion for capturing sound

• Tough and durable

• Up to 12.8dB in ambient noise blocking

• Comfortable to wear

What's included

• 1 pair of earHD 90

• Three sizes of replaceable silicone tips

• Flare carry pouch

Upgrade your ears

earhd 90

After two successful crowdfunding campaigns, earHD 90 is now available on our website. Choose from three models that use patent pending technology to open your ears.

earHD 90 uses a precise acoustic lens that focuses sound uniformly into one central location. This focused sound is then accurately reflected straight into our ears, revealing higher definition sound from where you are facing.


earHD 90 comes in a lightweight black acetal and polished for a high gloss finish.

Three sizes of silicone tips allows you to get the perfect fit and angle to focus your sound.

Our ears are wonderful things


As our ears are on the side of our head they are especially great at determining where sounds are coming from. The outside of our ear (the Pinna) has evolved to help us do this by distorting sound based on which direction the sound is coming from. This means that what we gain in placement of sound we lose in definition and sound quality. High frequencies in particular lose their sparkle, definition and sibilance when sound emanates from in front of us.

Our ears are very good at receiving high quality sound from the sides and from devices like headphones as this sound travels straight into our ears bypassing the Pinna.

However, when we put our ears into venues and different shaped acoustic spaces, suddenly we are hearing sound from in front of us. That plays havoc when trying to hear high definition sound because of the interfering reflections coming from all other angles.


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