White Noise Machines

White Noise Machines are ideal for masking noises produced by a sleeping partner e.g. snoring, masking surrounding noises like traffic, construction or noisy neighbours. They're also ideal for sleep, study and relaxing, masking internal noises from tinnitus (white noise is essentially the only solution for internal noise), masking conversation for speech privacy e.g. in executive offices or doctors' waiting rooms, soothing babies to sleep- teaching them to go to sleep independently- and soothing children to sleep in unfamiliar places when traveling.

What is white noise?

Before you run off shopping for a sleep sound machine in Australia, you want to know if it’s safe to use.

White noise is the fuzzy, indistinct sound that you hear when you switch from one radio station to another. It is a buzzing sound that helps mask loud, disruptive noises that interfere with your sleep. There are many white noise machines benefits, including better sleep, improved health, better energy, and more clarity of thought.

What is a white noise machine?

A white noise machine is a device that produces monotonous white noise, which sounds similar to TV static. People often find white noise calming so they can fall asleep easier without waking up too soon.

The primary reason people buy a white noise machine is that other noises are interfering with their quality of sleep. A partner’s snoring, a neighbour’s loud music, and busy traffic outside are just some of the sounds that make it difficult to sleep.

All white noise machines are not the same. Some produce one or two sounds, while others produce a broad range of sounds to choose from. These machines let you choose which sounds you find the most calming. It might be the sound of a bubbling brook, the tranquil sounds of the rain forest, or gentle music. There are both mechanical and digital white noise machines including those that operate with your mobile phone.

What are the benefits of a white noise machine?

There are multiple factors that keep adults from getting the quality sleep they crave. Bringing home stress from the workplace, lifestyle habits, loud living arrangements, and outdoor noises like traffic or construction work are some of the issues people face. A white noise machine offers a practical solution for adults with any of these noises getting in the way of their sleep.

A white noise machine drowns out noises that interfere with your ability to get to sleep. They also help you sleep deeper, so you get more of the quality sleep your body needs to heal and prepare for the next day.

A white noise machine can work wonders for adults of any age. One study showed that white noise can help improve agitated behaviour in elderly adults with dementia. But what about babies and infants? Modern technology not only reflects the benefits of using a white noise machine for a baby to increase their sleep, but modern technology is also using white noise to track breathing in infants.

What are the different types of White Noise Machines?

Earjobs has one of the largest collections of white noise machines online. We carry a variety of styles for anyone who might benefit from using a white noise machine in Australia. One of the biggest differences between the different types of machines is the number of sounds they produce. Some only produce one or two, while others might produce 20 or more.

There are both those that are mechanical and others that are digital. The latter includes machines that use digital MP3 files, so you have more sounds to choose from. You might also get a white noise machine that allows you to download tracks from the internet using your mobile phone.

Can white noise be harmful?

Any sound at or below 70 decibels is considered safe. Sounds of more than 85 decibels will damage your hearing over time. To ensure safety, white noise machines should be kept at the 50-decibel limit enforced by hospital nurseries when using a white noise machine for a baby. For adults, the setting should be between 40 and 70 decibels.

Are there other sleeping solutions than white noise machines to help me sleep?

Sleeping ear plugs can block out most types of background noise, particularly in tandem with white noise. If your snoring or someone else’s is a problem, opt for one of our anti-snoring solutions. We also have a range of sleeping masks with ear plugs to block out both light and noise.

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