Baby Ear Muffs

Babies and newborns have sensitive hearing, which is why we suggest baby ear muffs to protect their developing ears. During these formative stages, their ears can be easily damaged. Loud noises may seem harmless, but repeated exposure to blaring sounds can do serious damage.

At Earjobs, we recommend you choose baby or newborn ear muffs over standard ear muffs, as they are designed specifically to avoid choking and to fit even the smallest, most delicate of ears.

We sell a range of ear protection for babies and children and other protective products, such as electronic shooting ear muffs, which are sold online Australia-wide.

Which environments require baby ear muffs?

Baby and newborn ear muffs can be used in many scenarios. Some of the most common environments include:

  • Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Fireworks displays
  • Car races
  • Parties or gatherings

Why do I need ear muffs for my baby/newborn?

Regardless of age, hearing is sensitive and can be easily damaged. Therefore, you should consider wearing ear muffs in loud environments. However, a baby's ears are particularly fragile.

Your baby's ear canal is much smaller than that of an adult. Therefore, the sound pressure created within a baby's ear canal when exposed to loud noises is much greater. So, a noise that sounds loud to an adult sounds even louder to an infant.

How many decibels is safe for a baby/newborn?

Sound is measured in decibels, and there are safe and dangerous sound levels. Anything under 80 decibels is widely accepted as safe and unlikely to damage your baby's hearing.

However, the longer your child is exposed to a sound, the more likely it is that damage will occur, even if the sound is under 80 decibels.

Protect Your Baby's Hearing Today

Make sure that your baby's hearing remains unaffected and purchase a set of newborn or baby earmuffs in Australia today from Earjobs.

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